Application of multiple intelligence theory in

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Learning and Individual Differences, 20 3.

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Howard Gardner developed the theory of multiple intelligences to challenge the idea that IQ tests measure an individual's potential. When Gardner's theory on multiple intelligences came out inUnderstanding the Triarchic Theory of Intelligence. Multiple intelligence theory is a theory that divides human intelligence into modalities independent of each other.

This theory was first proposed by Howard Gardner in in his book Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

This article discusses the origins of Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, his definition of intelligence, the incorporation of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences into the classroom, and its role in alternative assessment practices.

1 Application of Multiple Intelligence Theory in the Classroom by Katie Austin A Starred Paper Submitted to the Graduate Faculty of St. Cloud State University. Apr 01,  · Group D project for Developmental Psych.

A look at multiple intelligences. Multiple Intelligences in English Classroom []. Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences make educators recognize the diversity of the learners in their learning styles, learning potentials, etc. and appreciate the development of learning strategies on the part of the learners.

Application of multiple intelligence theory in
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Gardner's Multiple-Intelligences Theory Research Paper