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Canon PIXMA Pro 9000 MARK II Vs. Canon PIXMA Pro 9500

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Canon Pixma Pro 9000 / 9500 MkII printers

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Less persuasive perhaps are these systems: The print's are fine now. May 22,  · p.1 #3 · p.1 #3 · Canon Pro Mark II Printer lines in print Thanks for the comments, I appreciate any suggestions. I am printing on highest quality and I have the paper set to either of the 2 papers I usfor either ilfoe as well as the correct profile.

Load Recommended Paper Types - Pro Mark II. For information on the page sizes available for each Canon genuine paper, visit our website.

You may not be able to purchase some Canon genuine papers depending on the country or region of purchase. You can also specify a custom size within the following range. Minimum size: x Disable Detect paper width By default, the printer will detect the width of the paper in the printer and compare it to the paper size setting selected in 'Page Setup'.

Save on Canon PIXMA Pro Mark II, Canon PIXMA Pro Mark II InkJet (Canon CLI-8BK), Paper Products. School Supplies. Writing & Correction Supplies. View all > Compatible Pixma Pro Mark II cartridges are ideal replacements for original Canon Pixma Pro Mark II Ink Cartridges as they are cheaper and come with a %.

Feb 22,  · Canon Pixma Pro Mark II The Hat said: ↑ You have answered you own question when you said: “The problem started when I kept printing even when the ink was low.”. Canon PIXMA Pro Mark II x dpi Color Print Quality InkJet Photo Color Printer (35 Used with Canon Pro Platinum paper, the gamut is insane.

As good as, and better than prints from a lot of labs. this printer will give you pro quality prints at very large sizes. Much better colors and saturation than older inkjets had. The 4/5(35).

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