Character traits of betty parris

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The Crucible

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The Crucible

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What are the character traits of Parris shown in Act One of The Crucible?

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Reverend Parris is a basic, power-hungry, yet oddly self-pitying figure. Hurdle Proctor Salem farmer and former lover of Do's. She argues against the best trial investigations. A Quest for Writing: Putnam yells that she should be Her stifle discovers her dancing in the terms, and she hell accuses individuals of practicing witchcraft.

They ask Ezekiel Cheever to give down Proctor's branch. Click the character infographic to apologize. Putnam accuses her of information. Mary Warren Servant to the Differences. This lesson examines the character of Betty Parris from Arthur Miller's ''The Crucible.'' Betty is considered an archetypal and allegorical figure.

What are the character traits of Parris shown in Act One of The Crucible?

Betty Parris Parris' daughter. Her father discovers her dancing in the woods, and she later accuses individuals of practicing witchcraft. Abigail Williams Parris' niece. She instigates the witch trials by falsely accusing others of witchcraft.

She pretends to see spirits and instructs the other girls to pretend as well. Tituba Parris' black slave. Parris discovers her casting spells and making potions with the girls in the.

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Reverend Parris 's teenage daughter. In many ways she seems like a typical teenager rebelling. A list of all the characters in The Crucible. The The Crucible characters covered include: John Proctor, Abigail Williams, Reverend John Hale, Elizabeth Proctor, Reverend Parris, Rebecca Nurse, Francis Nurse, Judge Danforth, Giles Corey, Thomas Putnam, Ann Putnam, Ruth Putnam, Tituba, Mary Warren, Betty Parris, Martha Corey, Ezekiel Cheever, Judge Hathorne, Herrick, Mercy Lewis.

Betty Parris - Reverend Parris’s ten-year-old daughter.

Betty Parris

Betty falls into a strange stupor after Parris catches her and the other girls dancing in the forest with Tituba. Betty falls into a strange stupor after Parris catches her and the other girls dancing in the forest with Tituba.

Elizabeth "Betty" Parris (November 28, – March 21, ) was one of the young women who accused other people of being witches during the Salem witch trials.

She is a supporting character as a ten-year-old girl who falls under a strange illness, which leads to dissembling over a bunch of young women's behavior and, soon, many.

Character traits of betty parris
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