Impact of human capital on economic development

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Impact of Human Capital Development on Nigeria’s Economic Growth (1981 – 2012)

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What is the relationship between human capital and economic growth?

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What is the relationship between human capital and economic growth?

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Human Capital definition and importance

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implies that human capital development is indispensable in the achievement of sustainable economic growth in Nigeria, as there is an increase in economic performance for every increase in human capital development.

The results further reveal a relatively inelastic relationship between human capital development and output level. Human capital development is strategic to the Scio-economic development of a nation and includes education, health, labour, employment and woman affairs.

Investing in human capital development is.


Using a panel methodology, the paper tried to reveal the role of human capital as a factor of the growth and to argue that the slow investment in human capital should influence the sustainable development of. Just as accumulation of personal human capital produces individual economic (income) growth, so do the corresponding social or national aggregates.

At the national level, human capital can be viewed as a factor of production coordinate with physical capital.

Human Capital definition and importance Tejvan Pettinger September 22, economics Human Capital is a measure of the skills, education, capacity and attributes of labour which influence their productive capacity and earning potential. its impact on economic growth and welfare. Human capital, economic growth and welfare are closely interrelated.

Section 2 provides an assessment of Africa’s human development in the context of other developing regions.

Human Capital and Economic Growth

Section 3 turns to the central issue of how to promote economic growth in Africa and the role of human capital in that process.

Impact of human capital on economic development
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