Important to save forest

Keep up with Mother Nature

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What are the 10 reasons to protect the forest?

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Its slack to save a rainforest for many universities. Saving the rainforest is important because without rainforest we would not have things made from rainforest plants like chocolate, vanilla, or soap.

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when we cut down trees from the rainforest many. Perhaps you have seen T-shirts and posters carrying the message “Save the Rain Forest.” Have you wondered why rain forests are so important? Why Save the Rain Forests explains how rain forests touch everyone's life. Rain forests serve many important functions.

They capture, store, and recycle rain, which prevents floods, droughts and erosion of the soil.

Why Preserve Rainforests?

Even though rain forests now cover less than 7% of Earth's land surface, they are the home to over 50% of all known species of living organisms. So some communities have decided to focus their efforts more strategically, targeting the places of most value, saving the important parts of the forest, even if some others are lost.

Conservation International uses a science-based approach to prioritize the most important forests and the benefits they provide; to quantify the value of those benefits for decision-makers; to protect them sustainably for the long term; and to monitor their ongoing protection and health. Saving forests to keep our climate safe Indonesia.

1. Forest provides the greatest amount of oxygen, so about 2 / 3 of oxygen consumed by humans, animals, microorganisms, industry, agriculture, is taken from the atmosphere,where it's supplied by.

Why Preserve Rainforests? Important to save forest
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