Internet banking customer preference factor and

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CBA finalising second-factor roll-out

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The Future of Banking Hinges on Communication and Personalized Services

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Variables that are loaded heavily on this factor include coverage in the financial and general press, recent stock index returns, information obtained from internet, current economic indicators and recommendations by investment advisory services (Francis and Soffer, ).

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of [As amended by: Telecommunications Amendment Act, No. 12 of Public Service Laws Amendment Act, No. 47 of With CM Secure, you can add an extra factor of authentication via your mobile phone. When a user tries to login to your environment, this is shown on the user’s mobile phone.

Then, the user can approve or deny the request to login via the CM Authenticator app or via an SMS. For existing Personal Internet Banking customers, you can access our Mobile Banking service by simply clicking the login link of Chiyu Bank Mobile Application and then inputting the login details of Internet Banking / fingerprint / Face ID.

mean preference for innovative banking products for female () was slightly higher than that of male () on customer perception towards internet banking (a type of innovative product) provides a comprehensive framework of various factors which contribute to customers’ time factor, real time access to informa tion, faster.

Internet banking customer preference factor and
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