Main cause environmental degradation size human population

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Population Growth: Causes, Characteristics and Explosion of Population Growth

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Environmental degradation

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Our resources like land, water, fossil fuels, minerals etc. are limited and due to over exploitation these resources are getting exhausted.

Impact on Human Health: Human health might be at the receiving end as a result of the environmental degradation. Areas exposed to toxic air pollutants can cause respiratory problems like. People in affluent countries most readily think of population growth as the cause of environmental degradation.

In fact the need to limit population growth in low-income countries was one of the main points of disagreement between low-income and high-income countries at the recent Earth Summit. The. Regardless of criticisms against the theory that population is a function of food availability, the human population is, on the global scale, undeniably increasing, as is the net quantity of human food produced — a pattern that has been true for roughly 10, years, since the human development of agriculture.

Environmental degradation

The human population on Earth is expanding rapidly which goes hand in hand with the degradation of the environment at large measures. Humanity's appetite for needs is disarranging the environment's natural equilibrium. Production industries are venting smoke and discharging chemicals that are polluting water resources.

Aug 16,  · Population growth and Environmental degradation Population is an important source of development, yet it is a major source of environmental degradation when it exceeds the threshold limits of the support systems.

Main cause environmental degradation size human population
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