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Please describe how the proposed project will address the problem(s) identified in the Needs Statement. Objectives should be stated in clear, measurable terms. Be sure to include the number of students to be served and the projected number of instructional hours to be provided.

Programs like Project Search connect youth transitioning from high school to jobs and civic activities, providing supported employment through job coaches, integrated classroom and workplace options, and soft skills training. e-FinLit - Developing Financial Competencies for EU Citizens Utilizing Online Learning and Digital Literacy Name of the Project: e-FinLit – Developing Financial Competencies for EU Citizens Utilizing Online Learning and Digital Literacy [].

HERBIE * Herbie’s mum (Mrs Waranda) was to humble and afraid to hate the white kids who teased her and the white men who had put her oldest boy in jail on a false charge, and the white women who stared at her as though she was the filth of the nation.

This shows that she didn’t belong to the white culture and she was a part of the minority group in the town. We want to promote financial literacy in Iowa.

Our goal is to promote financial literacy education by providing K schools the ability to gauge student knowledge and skills, measure progress, and plan future programming.

Title of Project Host Institution Host Institution Country. Meena, Stephen Ocean Road Cancer Institute * Tanzania. Training in advanced radiation technologies. Finlit Ghana, Ghana “This award will allow me to bring standard radiotherapy delivery skills to my organisation in my training country (Tanzania), my.

Project finlit
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