Sales maximisation baumol 1959

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Andrei SHLEIFER and Robert W. VISHNY Utticersi!r of Chicugo, Chicugo, ILUSA however. For example, according to Baumol (), managers pursue growth in sales. In our model, excessive growth of the firm in the directions suggested by the CEO’s talents and experience is a means of projects that do not maximize value is.

diminishing returns to management prestige) subject to an arbitrarily given profit constraint (profit satisfying). Traditional managerial models typically assume that managers.g. security. as developed by William Baumol ( and ). More recently this has developed into ‘principal-agent’ analysis (e.

Managerial theories of the firm. Managers may decide to adopt a longer term standpoint and focus on growth maximisation rather than maximising short run revenues. Growth is usually measured in terms of growth of sales revenue but can be to measure the capital value of the firm.

Baumol () postulates that these firms maximize sales revenues instead of profits. Profits only play a role as a constraint: a certain. Baumol’s Sales Maximisation Model. Pankaj Kumar Prof. Baumol in his article on the theory of oligopoly presented a managerial theory of the firm based on sales maximisation.

Assumption: Theory is based on the following assumptions: There is a single period time horizon of the firm. Firm aims at maximising its total sales and revenue in the long run subject to the profit constraint. Firms. Diagram to illustrate Baumol managerial model of sales revenue maximisation.

(Source: Author)In Figure 2. Baumol assumes that firms operate in a market of imperfect competition (where the demand curve is downward sloping) but the firm does have limited control over price and output.

Sales maximisation baumol 1959
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