Smartpen custom paper products

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Livescribe ANX-00003 A5 Single Subject Notebooks

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Echo is available exclusively through www.

Livescribe wifi smartpen 2GB - Discontinued

Watt to Know Safely. Livescribe will also introduce Paper Communicate, powerful new collaboration software that lets publishers communicate in real-time, directly from a Livescribe appraisal to a Mac or PC using an Academic smartpen and a standard micro-USB cable.

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Hence the pen needs special paper to work – that has markings to help the pen know where the tip is pointing at relative to the paper. Includes a Paper Tablet with special paper designed to work with Pen+ in dotted layout, Pen+ smartpen, USB cable for smartpen recharging, 1 pen tip ink refill, User manual and History of Moleskine inside.

Livescribe paper-based computing platform includes a smartpen, dot paper and software applications that changes the way people capture, use and share audio and visual information with pen and paper.

Located in Oakland, Calif., Livescribe developed a breakthrough low‐cost mobile computing platform, which is an integrated system of smartpen, dot paper, applications, and development tools designed to enhance personal productivity, learning, communication and self expression for anyone that uses pen and paper.

The new Smart Writing Set is a system made up of three objects – the special Paper Tablet notebook, the smart Pen+ and a companion App – that enable you to digitally edit and share what you create on paper in real-time without taking a photo, uploading files, or scanning documents.

Custom Printed Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Acer SmartPen 2 - Digital pen - wireless - RF - for Acer SHne, SHne, SWHne, SWHne.

Smartpen custom paper products
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